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Freelancer ID: izmel
Name: Ida Zurina Marzuki Lam
Company Name:
Gender: Female
Country: Malaysia
Town: shah alam
State: selangor
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1st: Multimedia, Audio, Video > Voice Actors
2nd: Writing, Translation > Articles Writring
3rd: Writing, Translation > Proof Reading
4th: Writing, Translation > Translator

Short Description:
Highly interested in writing and translation

Pay Rate:

Professional/Educational Qualifications:
LLB Hons

I have been in the work force for approximately 12 years and have been engaged in several lines of work, ranging from research, sales and marketing in the hotel, catering and retail industries, compliance and regulatory work in the capital market, to research and knowledge management where I am presently at. The broad spectrum of work engagements shows my adaptability and unlimited capacity to learn and improve. In addition, my extremely diverse thought process and adaptability, and elevated learning curve is one of my greatest strengths and has helped me achieve the variation and colour in my career thus far.

I constantly aim to diversify into different market areas to obtain new and strengthen existing skills. I will excel in any given job/assignment, utilising a broad range of skills and a high level of adaptability so as to always ascend along the self-improvement curve.
Given the above, I believe that I will be able to serve your organisation to the best of my abilities, bringing to the table my experience, creativity and diverse thought process.


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