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Job ID: 647143
Status: Expired
Date Posted: 15/3/2010 
Listing Expiring in: 0 day(s)

Employment Type: Freelance Basis
Job/Project Title: Audio transcription for Individuals, Not Companies.
Category of Job: Other > Other
Description of Job:
I help individuals to get their self employment up and running by providing them with a 1-2-1 help and business plan materials.
Now I am developing more business materials that will help my clients even more.

At the moment I have a 57 minute audio that needs to be transcribed, so I get an idea of were to go next. As my clients will tell me if they like the idea or not of having my information transcribed to paper.

If this type of materials are in demand from my clients, than I will develop more and more materials in the future.

All my materials are my copyright, all the work that you will be doing for me will be my copyright.

I am looking for a individual (Not a Company) that can transcribe some audio materials.

You must be good at typing.
You must provide a transcription in MS Word Format ver. 95 or 97, you can use also Open Office 1.0. I just do not want to be looking for software compatibility.
You must spell check the transcription in British English, before sending it to me.
You must enjoy doing this work and work fast.

I will be paying for this service a $10USD for every hour of audio to be transcribed, If you agree that I will email you the 57 minutes audio (Don't worry I will pay the $10USD).

In order for me to know your work, you need first to download an audio file of 2 minutes extracted from the 57 minutes. Once you download the 2 minutes of audio and transcribe, please email it to me the results.
I will answer all emails after I take a look and choose the individual that is going to do the transcription.

I will only see all the emails at once on the 31st March. But, if i like your work and no one else is up to better, than I may decide to give you the work.

Here is the link, once you insert this link on your browser it will start downloading the file, the file is a small MP3 of 200Kb.

Payment will be done via paypal after you have done all the 57 minutes audio transcription work.

Thanks for reading, and looking forward to give you the work.

Specific Skill required:
Good with British English.
Preferred bidder from country of: United Kingdom
Approximate budget allocated to this job: Less than $249 (USD)



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