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Area of Expertise: Other > Electrical/tronic Engineering

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User ID:  pachinko27
Name:  Muhammad Fauzi Zainal Arifin
Company Name: 
Short Intro:  Skilled in programming PLC & PIC microcontroller as well as hardware and software interfacing.

User ID:  mus700
Name:  Mustafa Mohd Saad
Company Name:  ipower solution Ent.
Short Intro:  Experienced in Switched Mode Power Supply Design : 10W to 1000W

User ID:  sytie7
Name:  tie siaw yieng
Company Name: 
Short Intro:  8 years experience in semicon industry as engineer, worked part timer as tutor and translator

User ID:  evolegend
Name:  Alvin Ng
Company Name:  none
Short Intro:  12 years experience in Electrical autocad.

User ID:  snid73
Name:  Saharuddin Samian
Company Name: 
Short Intro:  1 year experience in translation, more than 10 years in VBA programming

User ID:  msimsek
Name:  M Senay
Company Name:  MSM Engineering
Short Intro: 

User ID:  tannat
Name:  Annathurai Thirunavukkarasu
Company Name: 
Short Intro:  technical training, electronic designing, telecommunication training & designing, computer and EDA design & training

User ID:  jeymund
Name:  Jay
Company Name:  N/A
Short Intro: 

User ID:  HarryHaller
Name:  Harry Haller
Company Name: 
Short Intro:  Dipl.-Ing.

User ID:  xplunk
Name:  Shamsul Azwan Samsuddin
Company Name: 
Short Intro:  Freelance for extra money...

User ID:  badlily
Name:  Mohd Badlishah bin Jamaludin
Company Name:  none
Short Intro:  a newbie nonetheless, but did some translation for colleagues for some articles or magazines, but that was way back. Join the rat pack working from 8 am to 6.00 pm and since I got nothing to do at night, wanna give this a try.

User ID:  CaseyLow
Name:  Casey Low
Company Name: 
Short Intro:  20 yrs experience in servicing electrical and electronic controls in manufacturing machines

User ID:  Shinjiz
Name:  Jacky Tan
Company Name:  -
Short Intro:  1.5 years experience in Photography field (Landscape, Portrait & Events)

User ID:  mekong88
Name:  safwan bin abu samah
Company Name: 
Short Intro:  target

User ID:  curare
Name:  Andrea Jeanne
Company Name: 
Short Intro:  12 years in consultancy in energy conservation, management and training, sustainable building design, photovoltaics systems with marketing and sales skills

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