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Five (5) Latest Freelance Jobs and Freelance Projects
Job ID Status Posted On Listing
Days Left
Category Job Title Bids #
945573   CURRENT   14/2/2011  28  Telemarketing  Telemarketing Executive(Basic Salary RM3000 per month + Commission,Fresh Gradute Welcome)    0  

103223   CURRENT   14/2/2011  18  Translator BM-English-Chinese-Tamil  Chinese - Eng subtitles translator wanted    2  

757799   CURRENT   14/2/2011  Translator  Sindhi Translalor    0  

635058   CURRENT   14/2/2011  28  Illustration  Illustrations Job    0  

310178   CURRENT   9/2/2011  23  Software Develoment  Project Manager for Software Application (2 Years Contract)    0  

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Arts, Graphic Designer, Animation
3D Modelling/Design, Animation ,Graphic Designer ...

Business, Financial Industry
Advertising, Consulting, Marketing/Sales, Education/Lecturer ...

Computer, Programming, Information Technology
Software Develoment, Web Designer, E-Commerce ...

Auditor/Accountant, Consulting, Financial Planner ...

Multimedia, Audio, Video
3D Animator, Actors, Photography ...

Writing, Translation
Business Plan, Copy Writing, Translator, Book Writer ...

Beautician, Fitness Trainer, Tutor ...


About main objective and aim are to provide freelancers the opportunities to increase their knowledge in freelancing industry. We are dedicated to bring all the latest freelance jobs and freelance projects to our freelancer network.


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